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LMS-X launches: interview with Sarah Lambie, Traineasy

Milton Keynes, UKLearning News

Sarah Lambie, Business Development Director for Traineasy, talks to Learning News about LMS-X, Traineasy’s new learning experience platform.

Sarah Lambie, Business Development Director, Traineasy
Sarah Lambie, Business Development Director, Traineasy 

LMS-X, a new learning experience platform from Traineasy, launched recently and Learning News caught up with Traineasy’s business development director, Sarah Lambie, to find out all about it.

Learning News asked Sarah how LMS-X will fit into a crowded learning platforms market, about the kinds of customers that are using it and what it offers that is different.

Sarah Lambie points out: “LMS-X is aimed at customers operating in regulated markets, such as the NHS and finance sector. It brings the use of video learning into the compliance learning market with comprehensive compliance readiness reporting as well as including a fully-functional performamce management platform.”

The previous Traineasy LMS was based on the open source Moodle environment, whereas LMS-X is built using the Laravel PHP framework which, according to Sarah Lambie, provides enhanced security and design benefits, which Traineasy has used to build a Netflix-style interface with galleries and playlists.

Sarah adds: “LMS-X has been two years in development, offers SCORM and AICC compliance and can be optionally packaged with 250 short, soft-skills video learning resources, on topics like leadership, resilience and time management.” 

Watch the interview with Sarah Lambie here on Learning News. More information on LMS-X is available from the Traineasy website and from Sarah Lambie,
[email protected].