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Julian Roberts on EssentialSkillz’ compliance focus

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An interview with Julian Roberts, CEO of EssentialSkillz, on the ‘compliance-focused’ proposition that makes EssentialSkillz different, the challenges that lie ahead and his priorities for 2019.

Julian Roberts, CEO, Essential Skillz
Julian Roberts, CEO, Essential Skillz 

At Learning Technologies we caught up with EssentialSkillz CEO, Julian Roberts, to ask him what makes EssentialSkillz different in a crowded elearning market. 

Julian is laser focused on delivering a heavily compliance-focused product, relied upon by employers for managing 'essential' workforce skills, such as health & safety and business compliance courses. It includes a learning management system that has a comprehensive audit feature to help ensure that employees are compliant with their essential skills. The EssentialSkillz system has been built over a long period and is used worldwide, by all sizes of organisation, including businesses with over 100,000 employees. 

Julian talks about his aims to expand further the courses EssentialSkillz provides. In mid 2019 EssentialSkillz will launch a wellness elearning package in response to the increasing recognition and importance businesses are placing on employee wellbeing. 

He concludes talking about the crowded elearning market place and his focus on remaining at the high-quality end of the market.

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