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LPI launches website offering AI education, consultancy and expert insights

UKLearning NewsLPI (Learning and Performance Institute)

EXPLORE AI offers a robust knowledge hub for learning organisations and professionals seeking to capitalise on AI.

A new website focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in learning has been launched by the LPI.

Dubbed "EXPLORE AI", the site aims to help learning organisations and professionals navigate the world of AI responsibly and effectively - providing education through masterclasses and research as well as AI consultancy services tailored to an organisation's specific needs.

EXPLORE AI is founded on six responsible AI principles designed to guide learning professionals, organisations and suppliers in ethical and transparent AI adoption. The site offers beginner to advanced AI masterclasses covering topics like 'practically applying AI in learning and development', and 'AI across the employee lifecycle'. Interactive workshops are available on AI readiness and responsible AI implementation.

The consultancy services allow organisations to partner with the LPI on tailored AI discovery sessions, readiness reviews, opportunity assessments and more.

EXPLORE AI also offers links to a growing library of AI insights and articles and will shortly feature 'The AI Collective' - a think-tank of renowned AI specialists who will contribute original research, thought leadership and mentoring.

Speaking about the new website, Ed Monk, CEO, LPI, said: "Our mission with EXPLORE AI is to empower organisations to effectively utilise AI and transform learning and performance through personalised, forward-thinking approaches.

"The LPI is dedicated to leading the way in AI education and ethical AI practices, and is committed to unlocking the power of AI for the learning profession. I believe our combination of principles, education and consultancy will provide learning organisations with the optimal foundation for integrating AI successfully."

More information can be found at and the EXPLORE AI team can be contacted by email at [email protected]