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kPoint brings enterprise class features to YouTube videos

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kPoint announces the launch of its YouTube streaming feature - provisioning enterprise level interactivity, engagement, and analytics to existing YouTube content.

kPoint brings enterprise class features to YouTube videos

Enterprises typically have a large amount of valuable video content on YouTube. The full value of such content is often not realized due to limitations of YouTube in providing enterprise level video capabilities such as speech search, highlight browsing, and engagement analytics.

The new kPoint feature smoothly streams YouTube video through kPoint Video Central and layers on the advanced video capabilities of kPoint to these legacy video assets without having to upload the video files to a new server. 

Key features and benefits of YouTube streaming include:

Make public content private

Users can save time by using existing public content, sidestepping long content creation cycles by giving kPoint reading rights to their YouTube channel. This makes their public videos accessible to enterprise users in the kPoint application, giving them access to both public and private videos with a single login.

In-video browsing for long videos with highlights

Users can search through every spoken word or important text on screen to find precise points within the video where a phrase was said or shown. kPoint also automatically creates highlights at transition points in the video to enable rapid browsing.

Improved learning with quizzes and interaction

kPoint treats YouTube video like a document and makes it easy for users to quickly create their own assessment by adding quizzes and assessments as a part of the video. This acts as a great instructional tool, allowing L&D functions to evaluate content comprehension. 

Detailed analytics for improving engagement

Content owners can measure the effectiveness of their YouTube content with the help of kPoint’s in-built analytics feature. kPoint enables real-time metrics and analysis, providing unique insights that help users improve their content and take appropriate actions.

Following the release, Dr. Shridhar Shukla, Managing Director of kPoint Technologies, said, “kPoint is revolutionising YouTube for the enterprise by giving users the power to stream content from YouTube, while retaining the resourceful functionalities of kPoint video. This efficient reuse and repurposing of content is helping organizations drive up the scale, reach, and impact of learning, while pushing down supplementary costs per learner.”