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Kaplan to speak at the Learning Technologies Conference 2019

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Global Director of Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development to discuss Democratising Learning and Using Diagnostics to Target Training.

Andrew Perkins, Global Director of Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development, will address the Learning Technologies Conference in London on two topics, “Power to Your People - Democratising learning” and “Power from the Data –Using diagnostics to target training.” 

Learning Technologies is Europe's leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work. With more than 8,500 visitors, it is the industry's leading L&D conference and will be held February 13-14 2019. 

Power to Your People - Democratising learning 

In this session, Kaplan will explore how to use technology and learning expertise so that training becomes widely available but also personalised, role relevant, commercially relevant and embedded to ensure organisational impact. Most organisations today operate in a connected but dispersed world. Learning and Development has become a critical function that requires managing learning and development assets, resources and expertise as a strategic business activity that drives value to the organisation. In this session he will show how to: 

  • Build a shared vision for people development; 
  • Balance local and central requirements; 
  • Use digital diagnostics and assessments to drive appropriate career journeys at every 
  • level; 
  • Remove the “executive” from executive coaching; 
  • Democratise learning while ensuring it stays relevant to each individual within a learning governance framework that delivers commercial value. 

Power from the Data – Using diagnostics to target training 

Imagine if you could prioritise learning by identifying what people really need and by so doing be able to better leverage your training spend. In this session, Andrew will show how organisations are using confidence-based diagnostics to their maximum potential and as a critical component of their learning strategy. Assessment is no longer an option when people require targeted training and businesses must rationalise their investment. In this session he will show how to use diagnostics to: 

  • Identify key learning needs; 
  • Prioritise risk areas; 
  • Highlight hidden talent; 
  • Benchmark results across teams and divisions; 
  • Assess the real competence and confidence of every individual.