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Jam Pan evolves to meet the changing needs of corporate L&D teams

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Jam Pan, the on-demand elearning services platform, has added fee-based targeting and skills testing: two enhancements to enable learning and development teams to more quickly match their elearning needs with the right elearning services and providers.


Fee-based targeting

The platform, which connects expert freelancers and agencies with businesses looking for creative learning solutions, now lets freelancers set the day and budget rates ranges for the work they would like to pitch for. This feature has been developed as a result of freelancer feedback that highlighted discussing fees was a difficult part of the pitching process.

As well as making the financial element of pitching for work simpler and easier, the new feature also ensures that organisations looking for freelancers are targeting the right ones based on fees.

Skill testing

The second enhancement enables organisations looking for freelancers to set a skills-based task. This takes the form of two questions applicants have to complete to apply for an elearning opportunity. Setting these questions helps organisations to quickly identify suppliers keen to work on an opportunity and those with the right level of skills.

These enhancements come on top of other platform developments aimed at speeding up the outsourcing of learning content development. These include:

  • Organisations seeing freelance portfolios as a part of the job posting process
  • Continuously adding skills to the platform, such as animation, driven by customer need and reflecting new, diverse approaches to learning content design
  • Being able to chat directly through the platform to those bidding for your work

David Wood, Jam Pan founder, comments, “The platform is evolving based on the requests of freelancers and also on the requests of organisations and the challenges they face.

“Traditionally, finding an external resource to work on a learning project can take months. Our aim is to help organisations find the right external resource within hours. We work closely with our freelancers and organisations posting work to ensure the platform works quickly and effectively. Organisations need access to the right resource at their point of need, not two months later. Jam Pan provides highly-skilled freelancers and agencies within hours of a job being posted.”

As well as providing elearning skills, Jam Pan is increasingly delivering more diverse digital services including apps, animated video, and virtual reality experiences.