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HT2 Labs 'Astonished and Humbled' to Win Prestigious Queen's Awards for Enterprise

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HT2 Labs are thrilled to have been recognized in the distinguished Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation for their invention of Learning Locker®, an open source ‘Big Data’ store used by educators and workplaces around the world to improve learning outcomes.

HT2 Labs' CEO, Dr Ben Betts and Chairman, Alan Betts
HT2 Labs' CEO, Dr Ben Betts and Chairman, Alan Betts 

HT2 Labs are among 60 organizations nationwide to have been presented with the award for innovation, following their success with the multi-award-winning Learning Locker®.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the most prestigious award for UK businesses, recognizing and celebrating success across the nation - often thought of as a ‘knighthood for business’. The awards acknowledge outstanding achievement across four categories: innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility.

Winners are invited to a Royal Reception at Buckingham Palace where they will be presented with a Grant of Appointment and a commemorative crystal bowl.

Upon hearing the news, CEO Ben Betts commented:

“I am astonished and humbled to be named amongst the fortunate few who show themselves worthy of recognition by the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Our company tagline, ‘the R&D company for Learning and Performance’ showcases both our intent and our attitude towards breakthrough innovation for our industry; the Queen’s Award shows that we are delivering on our intention.

My team has been working tirelessly for years on both Learning Locker® and our other innovations and so, whilst this might seem like an overnight success story to some, it is anything but that. This is the result of hard work and dedication, often pursued in the face of great uncertainty. We are proud to push the online learning industry forward towards a next generation of learning systems that truly exploit the power of data to benefit learners. To do this in a way that is open source and available to everyone is absolutely groundbreaking. Thank you to my team and to the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for recognizing our efforts and ambition”.

Learning Locker® is the world’s most-widely installed LRS, existing as a big learning data warehouse used to store, sort and share digital learning activity. Available in both Open Source and Enterprise editions, the LRS enables organizations to reconcile experience data from many systems into one, presenting a seamless source of analysis to make learning measurable.