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HT2 and Charity Learning Consortium join forces to provide next generation learning for the third sector

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HT2 and the Charity Learning Consortium have entered into a new partnership agreement to help bring the Open Source Learning Record Store, Learning Locker, to the third sector.

The Consortium will work alongside HT2 to develop the roadmap for Learning Locker and to work closely on integrating this next generation of learning technology with existing solutions, like Moodle, the Learning Management System (LMS).

Ben Betts, Chief Executive of HT2, the creators of Learning Locker, explained the background. “Online learning is no longer just about accessing the LMS and using a pre-defined sequence of activities. We’re seeing apps, websites, MOOCs and more, all adding to the online mix. xAPI, or Tin Can API, as it is also known, is an open standard that allows us to record and give credit for learning activity, wherever it occurs.

To work with the xAPI organisations need to use a Learning Record Store (LRS), a specific type of database designed to store learning activity using the xAPI. Learning Locker is the most popular Open Source LRS in the world, with over 1,500 installations globally. Using the data stored by Learning Locker, organisations can better understand the learning activities of their workforce, assess the impact of training and development and customise learning experiences based on learners needs.

The Open Source nature of Learning Locker fulfils a big need in the continued success of xAPI.  Whilst HT2 founded this movement, it is increasingly about our fantastic like-minded community owning this. The Charity Learning Consortium is a leading example of this ownership, taking our platform to a whole new audience and making it their own.”

As part of the partnership arrangement, the Consortium will contribute at least one day per week of developer time to the project. This time will initially focus on the link between Learning Locker and Moodle, the Open Source Learning Management System.

Ian Ross, Learning Technologies Manager at the Charity Learning Consortium commented: “The great thing about an LRS is that it allows us to explore the big data around our learners - their engagement and learning experiences. There is so much that’s yet to be decided but we are in a perfect place where we have the nuts and bolts and now need the hands on deck to build something with them.

Community is key here, something we have a lot of! We hope to bridge the gap between “what is this?” and “look how great this is!” when working with xAPI, and work on the solutions that help us all reach our goals. 

Learning Locker is the perfect project for us: we are big believers in Open Source, as well as not wasting money when all that’s needed is a little collaboration. We absolutely love projects like this and can’t wait to get started.”


HT2 and the Charity Learning Consortium at Learning Technologies 2015

HT2 will be appearing at the following events during the Learning Technologies exhibition, where visitors can find out more about Learning Locker and the partnership:

xAPI in Action. Theatre 4, 3.30pm – 4pm, Weds 28th Jan. In this session, Learning Locker founder Ben Betts will showcase some of the latest use cases and best practices for using the xAPI (Tin Can) in learning solutions.

xAPI Barcamp. Cumberland Arms, 6pm – 7pm, Weds 28th Jan. This free event will allow visitors to get up close and personal with some of the world’s foremost xAPI technologists, understanding how they are using this new standard and how to adopt it for specific needs. It is free to register at:

HT2 is on Stand 125 and the Charity Learning Consortium on Stand 215 - for more information. More about Learning Locker is also available via the website:

About Learning Locker

Learning Locker is an Open Source Learning Record Store; a type of data repository designed to store learning activity statements generated by xAPI (Tin Can) compliant learning activities. Organisations use Learning Locker to store, sort and share learning data as generated by their learners. Using this data organisations can better understand the learning activities of their workforce, assess the impact of training and development and customise learning experiences based on learners past performance. Learning Locker is Free Open Source Software and licensed under GPL 3.0.

About the Charity Learning Consortium

Charity Learning Consortium enables cost effective, quality eLearning to be offered to more than 500,000 staff and volunteers across the third sector in the UK – engaging staff that more traditional learning & development may not reach.

More than that, our collaborative concept paves the way for eLearning success, with ongoing support, fantastic networking opportunities, relevant workshops and a dynamic Charity Learning Awards & Conference - with world class speakers who are experts in their field.

As a result, independent research has found that Consortium members save twice as much money on L&D compared to non-members in the sector; are twice as likely to report positive changes in staff behaviour; and almost three times more likely to report that using learning technologies has improved their organisation’s productivity.