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Introducing Learning Locker: the open source Learning Record Store

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Announced today, Learning Locker is to be the first enterprise-ready Learning Record Store (LRS) to be released fully open source.

We’re experiencing a perfect storm; learning technologies are allowing us to learn anywhere, anytime. It’s no longer just about accessing the LMS and using a pre-defined sequence of activities. We’re seeing apps, websites, MOOCs and more, all adding to the online learning mix.

The xAPI (Tin Can) is starting to allow us to track this learning activity wherever it occurs. However, there is currently no open source method to capture all of this data. Announced today, Learning Locker aims to fill this gap in the marketplace by becoming the first enterprise Learning Record Store (LRS) to be released open source.

Ben Betts, CEO of HT2 who is leading development on Learning Locker, explained his thinking. “Whilst the Experience API has been gaining significant adoption over the last nine months, there exists a gap in the marketplace for an open source alternative to proprietary Learning Record Stores. Learning Locker will allow organisations and developers to start really experimenting with xAPI. The open source nature of our LRS fulfils a big need in the continued success of xAPI and we’re delighted to be a part of the community making it happen”.

A Learning Record Store is a specific type of data repository designed to store learning activity statements generated by xAPI (Tin Can) compliant learning activities. Organisations use Learning Locker to store, sort and share learning data as generated by their learners. Using this data organisations can better understand the learning activities of their workforce, assess the impact of training and development and customise learning experiences based on learners past performance.

“Data ownership is about to take off as a topic in the learning world”, continued Betts. “Our long term aim is to bridge the gap between individual rights and organisations needs, when it comes to data ownership. Our first small step on this ladder is to release an open source Learning Record Store, helping everyone to start storing, sorting and sharing learning data. Whilst HT2 is leading this movement, we’ve gathered a fantastic like-minded community from around the world to own this. Key figures from xAPI’s development are involved in our project and we hope to attract more talent over the coming weeks”.

Dave Tosh, who is leading product development for Learning Locker, has significant experience of open source products, having co-founded the open source social network, Elgg: “Open source gives both companies and individuals the opportunity to download, modify and use our software free of charge. We aim to protect the community’s work by licensing under GPL 3.0 terms, meaning that all future distributions of Learning Locker are also open source”.

More information about Learning Locker is available at along with community activities for people to join in the development effort. HT2 is at Booth #106 at Learning Technologies 2014, London Olympia, 29-30 January.

An introduction to Learning Locker: