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Success for Growth Engineering & Hard Rock International at Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

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Hard Rock International, in partnership with online-learning revolutionaries Growth Engineering, have won a Brandon Hall Excellence Award for transforming their employee training with The Academy LMS.


The prestigious Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, now in their 23rd year, recognise the best learning solutions throughout the world. This year, the judges were looking for learning solutions which created positive organisational change with measurable results.

Hard Rock International won the Silver Brandon Hall Excellence Award, for Best Advance Learning Technology Implementation. They were recognised for transforming their training platform into a learning sensation of rock star proportions, with Growth Engineering's Academy LMS. Hard Rock’s new LMS has been engaging learners and winning fans across the company since its launch in 2016.

The Academy LMS is a fully-gamified learning management system, named #1 NextGen LMS in 2017 by industry expert Craig Weiss. The LMS, created by Growth Engineering, uses gamification features, including levels, points and leaderboards, to engage learners and encourage return-visits.

Hard Rock wanted to create a new online learning platform to engage their employees across the company’s wide range of business areas. One of their key goals was for 80% of their employees to use the new LMS for all their training needs. Growth Engineering worked closely with Hard Rock to design a learning solution that achieved these goals and more.

Hard Rock’s powerful new LMS launched in 2016, with an equally powerful name - The School of Rock.

Since its launch, The School of Rock has already seen unprecedented success, outstripping all expectations for employee engagement levels. Engagement with the company’s compulsory and voluntary training has skyrocketed, with take-up of Hard Rock’s voluntary courses alone increasing by over 100%. Customised learning pathways on the new LMS mean learners are now guided to the right training to meet their needs.

The School of Rock’s social learning features, including the live chat and messageboards, have also been a huge hit with employees. Both the franchisee and corporate teams now use the LMS to have valuable conversations, sharing knowledge and expertise throughout the company.

The success of Hard Rock’s new LMS is down to the Epic Meaning, social learning and gamification features which run throughout The Academy LMS. Everything on The Academy LMS can be customised to fit the company brand and employees’ needs. Hard Rock have taken full advantage of this to create a musical theme which runs throughout their learning platform. Everything from the LMS name to the levels and badges share this theme. For example, employees progress from the LMS’s first level, ‘Shower Singer’, to the top level, ‘Festival Headliner’. These features add layers of meaning which help the platform and content resonate with employees’ day-to-day working lives. Small, yet powerful, touches like this bring the LMS to life and engage employees with the training.

Growth Engineering’s Managing Director, Juliette Denny, said: “The School of Rock is one of those learning platforms you see and immediately feel excited by. Hard Rock embraced everything The Academy LMS has to offer and really made it their own - creating a stunning platform that Hard Rock’s teams flock to and actually want to use. Everyone, here at Growth Engineering, is thrilled to see Hard Rock’s awesome LMS recognised with this prestigious award. Congratulations Hard Rock!”