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Growth Engineering and Game take home award for ‘Outstanding Customer Experience’

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GAME, working in partnership with online learning revolutionaries Growth Engineering, won a UK Customer Experience Award at the Awards Gala Dinner event on the 28th September 2017.


The Customer Experience Awards UK (CX Awards) recognise the best business initiatives that have delivered outstanding customer experiences nationwide. GAME and Growth Engineering scooped the Silver CX Award for their use of the Academy LMS to transform GAME’s training programme.

The Academy LMS is a fully-gamified social learning management system, named #1 NextGen LMS in 2017 by industry expert Craig Weiss. The LMS, created by Growth Engineering, uses gamification features including levels, points and leaderboards, to engage learners and encourage return-visits.

GAME, the UK’s leading video game retailer, wanted to create a consistently outstanding customer experience across their 320 nationwide stores. The retailer sought a training solution to develop their employee product knowledge, improve customer service skills and unlock gaming passion. GAME wanted their new learning platform to be remotely accessible, fun and include gamification features to engage learners. GAME’s core goals were to increase engagement with voluntary courses and for the entire organisation to use the new LMS for all their training needs. Growth Engineering worked closely with GAME to meet these goals and more.

Together, GAME and Growth Engineering created a brand new learning platform - GAME Learning Zone! Since its launch in spring 2015, GAME Learning Zone has exceeded all expectations and GAME's customers are now enjoying the results.

Training completion rates have soared with an 89% completion rate on their AMP Sales Scenario training alone, which led to a 94.3% uplift in the average customer basket. The new platform has also directly led to a 109% increase in customer feedback on in-store service and a 19% increase in customer praise for staff!

GAME Training Manager, Craig Mills said: “The results have blown us away! We had a vision for our LMS and we hoped employees would jump onboard. To have a significant increase in the amount of training completed has made the investment and implementation process completely worth it! We are also thrilled to have seen a direct impact on the customers, with an increase in all forms of customer feedback! At GAME we're on a journey to build the biggest community for gamers and it feels fantastic to win the silver award for customer experience training initiative.”

Social learning, gamification and Epic Meaning are at the heart of GAME Learning Zone’s success. Learners are now guided to the right training to meet their needs and interests, via customised learning pathways. They are awarded virtual badges for completing training and engaging with the platform’s features, such as the message boards where they can share knowledge. These features reflect the gamification and social learning structures common in many video games, which helps the LMS resonate with employees’ working lives and passion for games.

An especially innovative and engaging feature of GAME’s training solution is ‘Pins’. This is a peer-to-peer recognition feature where learners can award fellow employees virtual badges, known as ‘Pins’, to recognise their skills and achievements. By earning a certain amount of badges on the LMS, GAME employees are awarded a real-world ‘Pin’ to wear on their lanyard. This celebrates their engagement and gaming passion and communicates their expertise to customers. The Pins tie LMS rewards together with real-world benefits. Over 6,000 Pins have been awarded since April 2016, and the rate they are being earned is increasing as employee engagement grows!

Growth Engineering’s Ideologist in Chief, Juliette Denny, said: “Everything about GAME Learning Zone taps into the passion that’s evident as soon as you step inside a GAME store. GAME’s employees are gamers themselves so it was awesome to work with a team who share Growth Engineering’s passion for gamification. I am thrilled to see the ever-growing success of the platform that has taken GAME customer experience to a whole new level of awesomeness. Congrats GAME on your big win!”


GAME's Craig Mill's speaks about how the Academy LMS transformed GAME's training and customer experience