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GP Strategies Launches Learning Content AIQ: Revolutionizing Learning Optimization with AI

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GP Strategies announces the launch of Learning Content AIQ, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform the way organizations optimize their learning content at scale.


Leveraging the power of generative AI and built on the trusted Microsoft® Technology Stack, Learning Content AIQ offers a smarter, faster approach to unlocking the full potential of your organization's learning knowledge base.

Managing and maximizing the value of learning content is a challenge for organizations. With Learning Content AIQ, this challenge becomes an opportunity to benefit from all the knowledge and expertise that is locked up in your learning content. By combining cutting-edge AI technology with decades of learning experience, our solution empowers organizations to organize, update, and analyze their learning content like never before. This endeavor paves the way for leveraging AI to facilitate the creation of top-notch new content effortlessly.

Key features of Learning Content AIQ include:

AI Tool and Expert Team: This solution includes both advanced AI tools, a set of processes, and a team of experts dedicated to mapping and optimizing your learning content, ensuring accuracy and relevance at every step.

Trusted Technology Stack & Provider: Built on a foundation of trusted Microsoft® technology and backed by years of industry expertise. Our offering has been built and trained by learning experts that have decades of experience building high-quality learning.

Trusted Knowledge Base: Learning Content AIQ technology & processes clean your learning data and generate a reliable knowledge base of your content, ready to fuel your organization's growth.

AI-Enabled Learning Capabilities: Provides a scalable approach to optimizing learning content. Organizations can tag the content according to the updated skill categorization, generate consistent metadata and learning goals, and initiate the creation of new content using the capabilities of generative AI.

Seamless Integration: Whether used as part of a learning platform migration or content rationalization exercise, Learning Content AIQ seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, minimizing disruption, and maximizing efficiency.

"In today's fast-paced world, organizations need to leverage their learning content efficiently to stay ahead," said Matt Donovan, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, GP Strategies. "Learning Content AIQ represents a paradigm shift, empowering organizations to tap into their vast knowledge base with the unparalleled efficiency of AI."

At its core, Learning Content AIQ represents the perfect synergy between human expertise and AI innovation—an accelerator for your organization's success. With the right technology, processes, and team in place, AI becomes more than just a tool—it becomes a transformative force driving growth and excellence.

Join us in unlocking the full potential of your learning content with Learning Content AIQ. To learn more, visit: Learning Content AIQ - GP Strategies



For further information: Nancy Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, GP Strategies, [email protected] or Matt Donovan, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, GP Strategies, [email protected]