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GP Strategies Launches Groundbreaking AI Training Program, Empowering Learning Leaders to Unleash the Full Power of Artificial Intelligence

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GP Strategies announces the release of an AI training program, Human+AI: Practical AI for Learning Leaders, that equips learning leaders with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI effectively within their organization, learning and development (L&D) function, and work.


This program led by the GP team, who are at the forefront of how AI is transforming L&D, spans over four-weeks and consists of a blend of live virtual instructor-led sessions and social cohort collaboration.

The learning experience aims to provide leaders with the necessary skills to use AI in a responsible, safe, and secure manner. It will help them establish a personalized L&D action plan for seamlessly integrating AI. It will also enable them to leverage AI applications to streamline and optimize work, and develop a strategic vision for transforming their organization through AI.

“This experience offers an invaluable exploration of AI and its benefits and considerations in the learning and development context,” said Matt Donovan, GP Strategies’ Chief Learning and Innovation Officer. “Learning leaders and practitioners will gain both strategic and practical knowledge as they work through each session. Whether you are starting on the journey or have been exploring AI for a while, this online learning experience will provide valuable insights, real-world application, and practical tools.”

Find out more about the Human+AI training program and how you can unlock the potential of AI in your organization.



For further information: Nancy Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, GP Strategies, [email protected] or Matt Donovan, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, GP Strategies, [email protected].