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New gomo ebook highlights the importance of offline learning

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gomo's new offline learning ebook, available from the gomo blog, looks at solving the problem of offline learning, exploring how to distribute, track and analyze learning without an Internet connection.

gomo’s new offline learning ebook looks at the challenges of providing full offline training programs
gomo’s new offline learning ebook looks at the challenges of providing full offline training programs 

Award-winning eLearning authoring, analytics and hosting tool gomo has published a new offline learning ebook, which looks at the challenges of overcoming barriers to learning when users lack a stable and reliable Internet connection.

The ebook, ‘Learn, track and update: how to meet the challenges of offline learning’, is written by Mike Alcock, the Managing Director of gomo, whose expertise in eLearning authoring tools makes him a respected industry figure.

In creating the gomo central app, gomo’s cloud-based learning platform which delivers offline as well as online learning capabilities, Mike explains how organizations can deliver full training courses to any device, which learners can access wherever they are. "Most eLearning requires an Internet connection but, with gomo, learners can now access content when they're offline, such as on a train or a plane,” said Mike. "The ability to deliver and track offline learning is, we believe, a game changer.”

The gomo central native app gives companies the ability to provide full training in disconnected environments. "The app is transforming how global organizations can deliver and track their content, especially for their learners in disconnected environments. This ebook details how this can be achieved," Mike added.

With gomo, employees can build their knowledge and complete courses when it suits them, on the device of their choice, and whether they’re connected to a stable Internet connection or not. The ebook describes why offline functionality is key to learning success, as well as discussing how to:

  • Easily and instantly update courses, giving learners the latest knowledge at their fingertips

  • Use powerful xAPI tracking to gather meaningful learning data and identify patterns

  • Deliver fully responsive eLearning through the gomo central app

To download your copy of The offline learning ebook is available for downbload via the gomolearning website.