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Successfully localising highly interactive media-rich e-Learning courses for global projects

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In their fourth year at Learning Technologies, Global Lingo are joined by DeltaNet International for a seminar that promises to reveal how to succeed in the global market when it comes to the production of multi-lingual interactive e-Learning courses.

In their session, the team will explain about the difficulties faced with complex multi-lingual projects and how certain process implementations and close cooperation can overcome this to produce a rich multi-lingual and accessible e-Learning offering. 

Topics will include:

  • Ensuring accuracy and consistency between course content, on-screen text, and accompanying audio or video voiceover in all languages.
  • How best to handle multilingual voiceover when complex characterisation and multiple voices are used.
  • Best practices on how SMEs can review translated courses in-context, thereby reducing the number of changes at BETA stage.
  • Incorporating multilingual QA that can cater for text and multimedia, which gives you confidence in the translated material.

To learn more about this multi-layered approach in person, join the session:


Wednesday, 13th February - 4.15pm


Learning Technologies, Theatre 3, ExCel London

Global Lingo is looking forward to welcoming interested parties and current clients, to discuss ways to help realise their translation and localisation projects. Global Lingo will have its dedicated Learning and Development team onsite (consisting of Chetan Khushal, Romain Chapman, Adam Moore, Giulia Donelli, Rafael Tranhago and Marina Mann), all of whom will be on hand and ready to answer any questions and explain how we can help avoid the challenges of e-Learning localisation.


Learning Technologies is a showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work, comprising a conference and exhibition for over 8,000 learning professionals. It takes places on 13-14 February at ExCeL, London. 

About DeltaNet

DeltaNet International specialises in the development of compliance and health & safety eLearning courses that are designed to mitigate risks and improve employee performance. It provides engaging and innovative eLearning to over 750 organisations around the globe, offering both off-the-shelf and tailored courses to its clients. DeltaNet's in-house developers use a mixture of interactive video and 2D/3D animation to bring important legislation and best working practices to life.