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9th HR Minds Future of Talent Forum

Barcelona, SpainLearning NewsGLC Europe

GLC Europe introduces the 9th HR Minds Future of Talent Forum, Barcelona, 15-16 February 2018.

Insights from past events

In the ever-increasing pace of the 21st century, with competition on the talent market increasing, it is essential for HR professionals to stay on top of the latest developments and have lateral thinking.

The future brings many changes for the world, businesses and HR professionals, as they need to identify the most successful strategy to capture the talents of future.

With global trends influencing organisations, the next generation coming into the workplace and technology penetrating our life, it is crucial to be on the forefront to get the best talent.

What are the trends in digitalization that cannot be ignored for organizational development? What behavioural patterns will prevail and how do we need to change to adjust to them? What skills do we need to develop in order to support the talent of the future? How will the workforce landscape change and where does it lead us?

At this event we will be discussing answers to these and related hot questions that various HR departments face across Europe.

9th HR Minds Future of Talent Forum - hot topics:

  • Major Environment Shift - how business is affected by the major environment shift and what does it mean for the HR function.
  • Performance Management - review performance management system to get the best results on talent assessment.
  • Hiring the Best Talent - learn how to succeed in hiring the best talent in disruptive environment.
  • Talent with Business Strategy - align talent with business strategy to enable employees develop into the roles needed in the future
  • Learning Process - accelerate the learning process through innovative approaches and digitalization.
  • Retention and Engagement - rethink talent retention and engagement