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    • A new learning generation

      Fuse Universal |

      Fuse tops the charts in Craig Weiss', CEO and lead analyst of FindAnLMS, books.

    • Macmillan Cancer Support: Connecting the cancer workforce with a learning community

      Fuse Universal | London, UK |

      To reach greater numbers of professionals and volunteers, Macmillan Cancer Support is working with Fuse Universal to roll out a new education and communication platform so that health and care professionals who support people living with cancer can access information and support where and when they need it.

    • Why do Courses only have a Limited Impact?

      Fuse Universal |

      Does e-learning make a difference? A difficult but important question, and a question that Fuse Universal are answering together with Carpetright and the AI institute of UCL. What insights did they take from this data and what’s next?

    • Why do LMSs Fail? An engagement issue explained

      Fuse Universal | London, United Kingdom |

      The e-learning industry has an engagement issue. In a survey, conducted in conjunction with the Human Capital Institute, where 500 learning professionals were asked to rate their learning management system, the outcome was shocking A negative -34% Net Promoter Score was reported, and this was across all vendors. So why do LMSs fail so badly when it comes to learning and performance? We believe there are 3 fundamental reasons why they have, and why they will continue to do so.

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