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Human attributes for the future workforce: Freeformers workshop at LearningLive

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Freeformers, the innovative Learning and technology company, is hosting an interactive workshop at Learning Live 2019.

In the workshop Freeformers will be asking the audience to consider the most significant attributes for a frontline workforce today, and in the future.

Using case studies based on a proprietary data model with over 55k respondents, Freeformers will share insights into the significance of a range of human attributes.

The session will explore whether the attributes that are typically weakest amongst some workforces today may in fact be the most significant for the future.

The session will conclude with some thoughts and advice about how organisations can help create a future facing workforce. 

The workshop will be hosted by Freeformers’ Matt Gilbert (Business Development Director) and Sam Stamp (Chief Operating Officer) and is taking place at the upcoming LearningLive 2019, 5 Sep, 1:30 pm. 

More information about Freeformers is available from the website at and, for its latest thought pieces, Freeformers' blog at