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L&D struggling to capitalise on shift to digital, Fosway Group’s research reveals

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Today, Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, shares results from the latest wave of its Digital Learning Realities research, which is now in its eighth year. The research, carried out in partnership with Closer Still as part of the Learning Technologies Show, reveals a profession that is struggling to accelerate the impact of digital learning at a time when organisations are facing severe skills shortages.


The research shows that only 45% of L&D professionals say that their C-Suite see learning and development as central to the future success of their organisation. Most learning teams have not been able to put learning at the heart of the organisation, with only 16% of practitioners saying that they always get a seat at the table with their C-Suite.

The reskilling and upskilling agenda is challenge. Less than 20% of L&D professionals believe they are very effective at supporting reskilling and upskilling, onboarding and business change. Compliance training is the one area that bucks the trend, with 51% saying their learning strategy is delivering in this area.

The data also reveals that L&D teams have been slow to adapt their learning approach and impact measurement, with 80% just starting to assess learning impact and 70% just starting to adopt workflow learning.

Other key headlines:

  • Only 45% believe agree their learning platforms are fit for the modern workforce.
  • Inly 1 in 4 L&D teams provide more than a basic level of personalisation.
  • Digital learning fatigue for learners is becoming more a problem for 42% of respondents
  • The budget of 41% of L&D teams increased this year.

“The fact that many L&D teams continue to find it difficult to succeed at digital learning is a cause for concern,” says David Perring, director of research, Fosway Group.  “Our ongoing Digital Learning Realities research suggests that this is a systemic problem for L&D. The areas that are so critical to strategic success – upskilling and reskilling and business transformation – are the ones that L&D teams are unable to deliver on.  Although L&D teams face technology challenges the focus also needs to be on impact and senior executive buy-in.”

Fosway Group conducted the survey of its corporate research network and in partnership with Closer Still as part of the Learning Technologies Show from February 2022 to July 2022, focusing on CHROs, Talent & L&D Directors, Managers and Learning, Talent & HR Technology professionals.

Results are drawn primarily from enterprise organisations in Europe and the survey includes responses from 430 individuals. 77% of respondents are based in Europe, and 50% have a global role.

Download the research infographic here

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