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Digital Learning Realities Research 2020 Opens: See How Your Learning Technology Experiences Compare

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The annual Digital Learning Realities research opened today, led by Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst and Learning Technologies, Europe’s largest workplace learning event. Now in its fifth year, this research is open to learning and development professionals to have their say on the state of digital learning today – and see how their experiences measure up to other organisations around the world.

With over 1000 respondents taking part every year, the data provides an important barometer on what’s happening in the market, with a chance for suppliers to share their insights too.

The scope of the research for 2020 shines the spotlight on skills development and skills gaps as one of the current major challenges facing L&D. It also explores investment in digital learning, areas of growth from NGLEs and LXPs, to microlearning and video, as well emerging trends such as ‘learning experience’ - all with the aim of providing market insights and data that cannot be found anywhere else.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group said “There remains a lot of hype around learning technology. And whilst it’s important to explore new innovations, what matters most to L&D and their wider organisations is what can have a real impact and make a difference to people’s performance.”

He continues “We know that harnessing the power of digital as a way of accessing and supporting learning is a trend that continues to grow. And we know how important it is to people that they have the opportunity to develop themselves and their skills as part of their working lives. Understanding how organisations can truly maximise that is critical at a time when skills gaps continue to widen, and recruiting and retaining the best people remains challenging in a turbulent economy.”

Learning Technologies Event Director, Mark Penton, commented “L&D professionals worldwide have experienced the good and the bad of what digital learning can deliver. Having a way of sharing those experiences and understanding what’s working – and what’s not – is something the Digital Learning Realities research provides year after year. We’re delighted to partner with Fosway Group again in 2020 and deliver data that everyone in learning worldwide can benefit from and help us move forward as a profession.”

To take part, complete the survey.

The results will be unveiled at the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London on 12 and 13 February 2020. Subsequent analysis and updates will continue throughout the year.

The results of the 2019 Digital Learning Realities research can still be downloaded via the Fosway website.