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Fosway launches new 2018 9-Grids for Cloud HCM and Talent Management

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Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, today unveiled its new 2018 Fosway 9-Grids™ for both Cloud HCM (Human Capital Management) and Integrated Talent Management (ITM).


The Fosway 9-Grids™ help to demystify the supplier side of the next gen HR, learning and talent markets, assisting HR leaders in making informed decisions around their solution choices. It is the only industry analysis specifically targeted to help HR decision makers in Europe compare supplier solutions based on their Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership and Future Trajectory.  

“At an overall level, HR is trying to evolve to deal with big changes in work and in the workforce” said David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group. “Moving HR into the Cloud and engaging with strategic HR processes in a connected way with a great employee experience is no longer just optional. Customers using Cloud HCM platforms are three time more likely to report value for money than traditional HR systems, and maybe more importantly, are also able to be much more agile. New innovations in people analytics and artificial intelligence will only accelerate this further in the future.”

He continues, “Meanwhile, the value of talent management to organisations against a backdrop of skills shortages continues to increase. In 2018 and beyond, managing talent is not just another HR process, it is the vehicle for delivering an organisation’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Both these new 2018 Fosway 9-Grids™ reflect the changing nature of the markets, with new inclusions and new positioning that reflect how suppliers are working to really tackle today’s HR challenges.”

The Fosway 9-Grid™ model is now in its sixth annual research cycle and is based on independent research and insights from Fosway’s corporate research network, as well as market profiling, briefing activities and customer feedback.

Each Fosway 9-Grid™ is accompanied by an analyst report, outlining the broader trends and context in each market. To download your free reports for both Cloud HCM and Integrated Talent Management, including market commentaries and solution trends, visit the Fosway website.

The Fosway 9-Grids™ for Learning Systems, and Digital Learning and Authoring Systems are also updated annually in January.