News stories from First Media in 2020

5 reasons why inductions need to be online (now more than ever)

First Media | 14 Aug 2020

Let’s be honest: Covid-19 is having a profound effect on the way learning is delivered in the workplace.

6 ways learning will never be the same again after Covid-19

First Media | 13 Jul 2020

One day we will return to our pre-Coronavirus lives and Covid-19 (and 2020 in general) will just be a painful memory. But it’s going to take a while, and some things might never be the same again… including the learning sector. Why do we think learning will have changed forever? The disruption to the sector, and the enforced changes that have had to be made, has given educators all over the world the opportunity to think about how learning is delivered.

The 6 Benefits of Blended Learning

First Media | 19 May 2020

Do you need convincing of the benefits of a blended learning approach? First Media share six reasons why your organisation should be considering it.

LiNCHigher and First Media team up to help 25,000 Lincolnshire students

First Media | 12 May 2020

LiNCHigher is delighted to announce that they have teamed up with Lincolnshire-based creative digital agency First Media, to launch ‘LiNCHigher Learning’.

How First Media helped Bosch turn their induction training into an interactive webinar

First Media | 14 Apr 2020

The international home appliance brand Bosch recently approached First Media to help them update the way they deliver their employee inductions.

First Media: Keep things going with digital learning

First Media | 23 Mar 2020

First Media think that digital learning could help many businesses affected by Coronavirus.

First Media: How to produce great eLearning content

First Media | 27 Jan 2020

Ahead of their appearance at Learning Tech 2020, the creative eLearning design specialists explain how they produce high-impact eLearning content for organisations such as the FA.