News stories from First Media in 2020

The 6 Benefits of Blended Learning

First Media | 19 May 2020

Do you need convincing of the benefits of a blended learning approach? First Media share six reasons why your organisation should be considering it.

LiNCHigher and First Media team up to help 25,000 Lincolnshire students

First Media | 12 May 2020

LiNCHigher is delighted to announce that they have teamed up with Lincolnshire-based creative digital agency First Media, to launch ‘LiNCHigher Learning’.

How First Media helped Bosch turn their induction training into an interactive webinar

First Media | 14 Apr 2020

The international home appliance brand Bosch recently approached First Media to help them update the way they deliver their employee inductions.

First Media: Keep things going with digital learning

First Media | 23 Mar 2020

First Media think that digital learning could help many businesses affected by Coronavirus.

First Media: How to produce great eLearning content

First Media | 27 Jan 2020

Ahead of their appearance at Learning Tech 2020, the creative eLearning design specialists explain how they produce high-impact eLearning content for organisations such as the FA.