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Filtered’s magpie delivers change into flow of work with groundbreaking Teams integration

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Promising an integration that refuses to ‘sit on a shelf’, at Learning Technologies the Filtered team is launching a Microsoft Teams app for magpie that uses customisable, interactive push notifications or ‘cards’ to drive through small changes in behaviour - the raw material for digital transformation.

magpie for MS teams
magpie for MS teams 

Filtered spent 2019 experimenting with integrations into MS Teams and Slack to prepare the ground for the new feature. The experiments included embedding magpie into Teams for multiple live customers along with deploying a Slack app to test out the possibilities for bot integrations.

The next stage is a product of close collaboration between Filtered’s clients, its customer success team, product team and senior management. The integration leverages four years of intensive efforts to develop personalised engagement campaigns that achieved 80% open rates and 40% click-through rates. Through APIs, these customisable change campaigns can now be delivered directly in the flow of work through a bot in Teams to drive capability development.

Going far beyond a passive Q&A, search or browsing function, the magpie Teams integration develops a proactive relationship with employees by placing interactive ‘cards’ with recommendations and messages, created in collaboration with stakeholders, in direct dialogue with end-users.

A campaign might look like this:

  • Welcome messages in a public channel to announce magpie is here

  • Welcome messages for individual users who add the magpie bot

  • User receives a welcome card with button to create the magpie tab embedded in Teams

  • User creates profile, sets a goal and starts receiving recommendations 

  • Reengagement campaigns pick up users who left off

  • Recommendations from a rotating series of algorithmic playlists.

  • Reminders to complete launched assets, give feedback and track impact of learning

In an impassioned LinkedIn post, Toby Harris, Head of Solutions at Filtered, wrote:

“Many learning platforms...are selling a utopian vision of a beautiful interface, free from the pressures of work, that asks: 'what do you want to learn today?'. A palace of learning in the clouds. We disagree. We see deep, meaningful integrations between learning technology and workflow tools as one of three central pillars of our offering (the other two are recommendations and data services).

Because you don't care about a culture of learning for its own sake. You don't care about building palaces in the clouds. As a HR professional, you know that learning new skills is inseparable from getting things done. So you care about action: the microchanges in behaviour that add up to your business reaching its objectives faster and in better shape. Better collaboration. Better management. Better productivity. Challenging received ideas.  This change doesn't happen inside a learning platform. It happens at work. In the fog of war.

MS Teams is the future of work and the centrepiece of transformation in most organisations. Using MS Teams is both a means of achieving digital behaviour change and the goal of that change itself. There are dozens of potential platforms to build integrations with and many vendors made bad choices. We picked Teams after a lot of reflection, not because it was our favourite but because it will be integration point of the future, more than any other platform.”

To see the integration in action book a time with the Filtered team at Stand E-15 at #LT20UK or get in touch for an online demo by emailing [email protected]