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Two for joy as Filtered’s magpie for L&D 2.0 spreads its wings to boost industry skills

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Learning & development’s own professional development tool, magpie for L&D, is set to add further value to the industry as version 2.0 launches today. Already used by 3000 L&D professionals, the refresh will provide enhanced free personalised recommendations to help even more users take their career to the next level.


The new edition of magpie for L&D, a specialised industry version of Filtered’s fully-fledged learning recommendations engine, will today fly the nest. It’s well known that two magpies equals joy, and that holds true with the updated edition featuring a revamped UI and refreshed content selection. L&D professionals can now access even more personalised learning recommendations that improve the skills they use at work.

Registration is free, and those people that sign up simply answer a few basic questions before being immediately served with relevant content to inspire their development. An L&D-specialised version of its fully-fledged cousin, magpie for L&D includes curated content from the best libraries and online resources.

That includes recent additions from an ongoing campaign Filtered have been running with StoryTagger to improve data skills in L&D, with videos featuring industry figures such as Bianca Baumann, Laura Overton and David Perring.

Registration is free for L&D professionals and it takes just a few minutes to access their personalised recommendations and begin taking control of their own career.