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VantagePoint Performance acquired by Imparta; interview with Lisa Doyle

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Imparta has expanded in the US with the purchase of a sales organisation development business; Lisa Doyle from VPP joins Learning News to discuss the acquisition and the challenges sales teams face.

Lisa Doyle: ‘Agility’ the most important characteristic for sales teams
Lisa Doyle: ‘Agility’ the most important characteristic for sales teams 

Sales teams are one area of almost every business faced with great change, from the technology and methods they use, the current economic situation and changing buying habits. They face a less predictable, often more competitive and certainly a more complex world. This puts pressure on developing skills to keep sales teams at the forefront, agile and able to quickly adapt.

The sales training and technology provider, Imparta, recently acquired VantagePoint Performance in the US, a provider of sales organisation development. It has led research into sales performance, which resulted in a series of books looking at sales agility. For the latest on the challenges facing sales and sales development Lisa Doyle, from VantagePoint Performance, joins Learning News.

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