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DEI: Getting businesses to care

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Double Learning Award winner, Yasmine Alani, talks about DEI's challenge for L&D.

Yasmine Alani: DEI's challenge for L&D
Yasmine Alani: DEI's challenge for L&D 

Diversity, equality and inclusion matters for every business. Employees want to work for companies with strong DEI values, customers want to buy from them and while DEI is a big part of what L&D helps companies with, there's much to do.

As DEI projects become more important, more widespread, what remain the challenges for L&D? What's worked so far and where might more focus be needed to embed DEI into company cultures.

Yasmine Alani works on DEI learning projects, she is a double Gold Learning Award winner and recognised as a Top 100 Future Female Leader . Yasmine joins Learning News to raise the profile of L&D's work and its top DEI challenge.