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What business leaders rate as most important are areas where they don’t believe L&D has a role: Mind Tools for Business Leadership Report 2023, interview with Anna Barnett.


A new report out from Mind Tools for Business shows that what business leaders care about the most are not what they think L&D can help with the most. Performance, innovation, customer satisfaction, business transformation and reducing costs top the list of what's important yet areas where business leaders feel L&D does not offer a strong contribution.

However, staff retention, and talent strategy are other priority areas where L&D is perceived as making a stronger contribution.

What are business leaders' expectations of L&D? Where do they feel L&D excels and where do they feel they are holding organisations back? Do business leaders and L&D agree on the priorities? How might L&D improve its relationship with business leadership?

Anna Barnett is from the team at Mind Tools for Business that worked on the report and joins Learning News to discuss its key findings.

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The full report is available from the Mind Tools for Business web site: Leadership Report 2023


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