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Anders Pink acquisition by Go1: Michelle Hazelton talks to Learning News

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The AI-powered content curator, Anders Pink is acquired by the learning ecosystem builder Go1. Managing Director, Michelle Hazelton provides an update with Rob Clarke on Learning News.


Anders Pink, the AI-powered content curation solution for learning and development, has been acquired by Go1, a builder of learning ecosystems.

Why Go1 is attracted to Anders Pink?

Learners and L&D teams are overwhelmed with content and making sense of it. A learning ecosystem can only deliver for learners if content can be surfaced to learners when they need it, whether that's aligning content to skills or building it into workflows.

So, for Go1, historically a content provider travelling towards offering a more complete solution, acquiring Anders Pink and other parts of the ecosystem makes sense.

What's the plan?

Michelle Hazelton, Anders Pink's Managing Director, explains on Learning News.

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