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Eukleia Training enters into joint venture with the IMS Group

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Eukleia Training has entered into a joint venture with IMS Group, a regulatory compliance consulting specialist, to deliver a full suite of compliance training courses tailored for the alternative asset management sector.

IMS and Eukleia have jointly developed a suite of e-learning courses and workshop sessions covering general compliance, financial crime and market conduct. The e-learning courses also comprise an associated learning management system that enables firms to assign, track, audit and report training undertaken by their staff, creating a vital record which will become increasingly important as regulatory requirements continue to grow.

Patrick Thompson, Chief Executive, Eukleia Training,  said: “Effective compliance training is a vital tool in managing regulatory and reputational risk and in developing investor confidence in the control environment of the firm. For too long there has been a lack of e-learning courses designed to meet the specific requirements of the alternatives sector.By partnering with IMS we aim to correct this and provide high quality e-learning products which complement the existing workshop offerings of IMS.”

Michel van Leeuwen, Chief Executive, The IMS Group, said: “With continued upheaval in both markets and regulation, staff of financial services firms must understand the key regulatory obligations that relate to their role as well as the impending changes to the underlying rules. The continuual education and training of staff is a critical component of a firm’s systems and controls, to enable it to manage its affairs responsibly, in particular with regard to staff competency and capability. Furthermore, the ability to audit and report on training based competence of staff, facilitates enhanced operational risk control.

“It is essential that senior management of regulated firms understand the regulatory expectations of themselves as individuals and also as instigators and guardians of the firm’s systems and controls.”