News stories from Eukleia in 2012

Eukleia Training enters into joint venture with the IMS Group

Eukleia | 20 Apr 2012

Eukleia Training has entered into a joint venture with IMS Group, a regulatory compliance consulting specialist, to deliver a full suite of compliance training courses tailored for the alternative asset management sector.

Choices and Consequences: Eukleia Training announces release of new business ethics course

Eukleia | 03 Apr 2012

Eukleia Training has released the latest addition to its generic catalogue of elearning titles. Entitled “Choices and Consequences”, this new 30 minute scenario-based course takes a holistic approach to ethics, corporate culture and the responsibilities of Approved Persons. It asks the learner to apply all three of these frameworks to realistic dilemmas tailored to the learner’s role within their firm.