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Choices and Consequences: Eukleia Training announces release of new business ethics course

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Eukleia Training has released the latest addition to its generic catalogue of elearning titles. Entitled “Choices and Consequences”, this new 30 minute scenario-based course takes a holistic approach to ethics, corporate culture and the responsibilities of Approved Persons. It asks the learner to apply all three of these frameworks to realistic dilemmas tailored to the learner’s role within their firm.

The course is designed to provide a decision-making framework to approach ethical and cultural dilemmas as faced in a business environment. The learner is given a summary of their personal responsibilities under the FSA principles and the opportunity to apply them under a series of scenarios that are selected according to their role. For approved persons, the scenarios also provide practice and feedback in dealing with situations under the APER code.

Scenarios raised in the course throw up “grey” areas which are explored through detailed feedback. The course can also be tailored to incorporate particular elements of a firm’s internal policies and values. The course includes a series of “quick fire” questions to check understanding of the material covered as well as related conduct of business issues.

According to Eukleia’s Senior Associate and course author Liz Hornby “In the months since the publication of policy statement PS 10/18 on competence and ethics, in which the FSA expressed their concerns about the understanding of APER among the approved persons population, we have seen an increasing requirement from our clients for training on ethics and the APER code. Along with our instructor led training services, this new elearning course will provide an ideal solution to meet that need.”

The course has also been designed to provide the “gap-fill” ethics requirements for the Retail Distribution Review (RDR). Eukleia Training is an accredited training provider by CISI and this course will constitute 30 minutes of CPD credit on ethics.

Further information about the course is available at Choices and Consequences (PDF) or at