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Engage in Learning Restructures its E-learning Programme Portfolio

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Engage in Learning is both broadening and restructuring its popular and already extensive portfolio of online learning materials and resources.

Chris Horseman, of Engage in Learning.
Chris Horseman, of Engage in Learning. 

“We’re restructuring our course line-up,” said Chris Horseman, Engage in Learning’s Managing Director. “This includes regrouping some of our products as well as taking on some third-party products including Bookboon and Clear Lessons, in addition to the Gopas IT training and ME learning care sector courses that are already included in our programme portfolio.”


From now on, the Engage in Learning online learning programme portfolio will be sub-divided into ‘essential’ and ‘fundamental skills’ courses.


‘Essential courses’ are stand-alone programmes on topics including Display Screen Equipment (DSE), GDPR and Money Laundering. These programmes are related to industry compliance and statutory regulation requirements.


Organisations’ staff must be trained – and periodically re-trained - in these issues so that they can perform their jobs. Moreover, organisations need to audit their workers’ successful completion of relevant courses in these topics for their own protection – such as, in the event of an accident, data breach or tribunal proceedings.


“Those looking for online learning materials on these subjects are likely to search for these by name,” commented Horseman. “They may just buy one course to meet a need or, indeed, a whole library to meet their overall corporate requirements.”


On the other hand, ‘Fundamental Skills’ programmes refer to groups of courses that are relevant for people who need to carry out a particular job or function. Examples of programmes that come under this category include courses on Leadership, Performance Management and Customer Service.


“The Engage in Learning Leadership Fundamentals programmes will include five currently available courses, along with two new, soon-to-launch, programmes on change management and managing virtual teams,” Horseman added.


This change in the categorisation of Engage in Learning’s portfolio of over 100 separate online learning resources has necessitated some changes to the company’s website – to make it easier for consumers and potential consumers to readily identify the programmes they want.


“Furthermore, these changes will allow us to promote Microlearning as something for managers, leaders and knowledge workers to use when they already have the fundamental skills they need and are then looking to develop their career or a specific arc of knowledge or good practice,” said Horseman.


Examples of the Microlearning resources available from Engage in Learning include a series of short eBooks from Bookboon which are designed to help users get a specific job done or to learn about a specific topic.


Engage in Learning is also distributing a series of two-minute videos featuring acknowledged business leaders. Produced by Clear Lessons, these videos are designed to inspire users and inform them about a particular topic.


“Using these microlearning courses alongside Engage in Learning’s more extensive online learning programmes will allow learners to cover, for example, all of the required leadership topics for the leadership and management qualifications awarded by the ILM, the UK’s top leadership and management qualifications specialist,” Horseman continued.


“Moreover, learners can use Engage in Learning’s extensive range of online learning materials to map their knowledge and skills to almost any other competency area.


“Plans are also well advanced for us to offer an authoring solution,” he added. “This will enable customers to commission e-leaning materials from Engage in Learning and then develop further materials in a similar vein for themselves, using the authoring tools we supply.


“This will further cement Engage in Learning’s position as the provider of a complete solution to meet every e-learning need.”