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Major update to Elucidat makes producing elearning 4x faster

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Learning Accelerator, the latest update to Elucidat’s authoring platform, makes it easy for anyone to create quality elearning - super fast. This major update acts as a game changer for L&D teams who have seen demand for elearning skyrocket as a result of the global pandemic.


Elucidat’s latest update speeds up elearning production by making it easy for novice authors to produce high quality courses in a fraction of the time. As a result, L&D teams can now get more people across the business producing elearning - reacting faster to change.

With Learning Accelerator, the team at Elucidat have reimagined the well-loved concept of a course template - building a tool that does even more of the heavy lifting for you.  

Learning Accelerator contains an ever-growing library of elearning blueprints; which offer the convenience of a template and so much more. Each Learning Accelerator blueprint comes with a pre-built course structure, downloadable storyboard, interactive live example, plus in-line learning design advice baked in. All you need to do is add your content - being guided every step of the way. Get a recommendation based on your goals and audience, or use filters to browse all the blueprints and find the best fit for your project.

This launch comes off the back of months of research, interviews and user testing. 

 “You can get a course built and out in 20 minutes! And, it won’t be the usual boring stuff!” - Learning Manager feedback in user research

“We’re particularly excited about this update in Elucidat because of the potential it opens up for our customers. The L&D team are no longer confined to being order takers, overwhelmed by demand for elearning. They now have a tool that they can give subject matter experts access to, to produce really high-quality elearning quickly. And crucially, L&D are able to safely manage contributors from a centralized platform. We found that the production process is around 4X faster compared to starting a project from scratch. This has a massive impact on what L&D teams can deliver - and drives down the cost to train too.” - Simon Greany, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Elucidat

All Elucidat customers and free trial users have access to three blueprints for free as part of their account. The full Learning Accelerator blueprint library is available as an add on - get in touch to learn more.