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Elucidat opens new US office to better serve strong demand from North America

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Elucidat - the platform for learning teams to create, measure and scale digital learning - has announced the opening of their first US office to step-up support for their North American customers and serve strong demand in the region.

Steve Penfold, CEO and Founder of Elucidat
Steve Penfold, CEO and Founder of Elucidat 

Today, Elucidat announced the launch of a US office in Raleigh, North Carolina, ready for January 2020. 

Elucidat's Annual Recurring Revenue from the US has doubled since 2018, making it the number one market for the learning company’s growth. This, along with $4.5 million in funding from YFM Equity Partners, has led to the exciting expansion.

Along with investment into US growth, the company has accelerated product development, with a focus on making it easier for large teams to manage digital learning at scale. 

Global expansion in Raleigh

As home to the largest high-tech research and development park in the US and three major universities, Raleigh was a clear frontrunner when selecting a location for Elucidat’s US operation.

Steve Penfold, CEO and co-founder of Elucidat, explained why the Raleigh office is essential to business growth: 

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Elucidat. It provides us with the fuel we need to accelerate our growth in the North American market, as well as giving us the ability to better engage with the wider learning community in the US. Our brand-new Raleigh office provides a hub for our development and support teams to ensure we can provide the best possible service to our rapidly growing US customer base.”

Elucidat is quickly growing the team by hiring locally for several positions. Explore Elucidat’s range of opportunities on their careers page, and discover more about the benefits of working with them.