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EdApp to unveil new microlearning-based Spaced Repetition feature ‘Brain Boost’

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EdApp, the mobile-first LMS, has announced that it will unveil ‘Brain Boost,’ a feature that enables Spaced Repetition for better learning retention, at Learning Technologies 2019, on 13-14 February at ExCeL London.

EdApp is excited to release its Spaced Repetition feature, Brain Boost, at the auspicious Learning Technologies exhibition and conference. 

“Spaced Repetition is an incredibly powerful method of learning that’s already enhanced by microlearning, thanks to the ease of repeating short microlessons. Brain Boost takes things to the next level.” Darren Winterford, CEO of EdApp explained. 

“Brain Boost intelligently identifies which content a learner is struggling with and then utilises our algorithm to automatically ask related questions at increasing intervals until knowledge is embedded. EdApp’s technology automates everything so that authors don’t need to decide which questions need to be revised or what the interval timings should be”. 

Knowledge retention is consistently one of the biggest challenges that businesses and workers face when onboarding and learning about new practices, policies, procedures and products. Brain Boost is a highly-effective method of learning that increases the likelihood of embedding knowledge and transferring it to long-term memory. It does this by leveraging a memory phenomenon which dictates that our brains learn more effectively when we space revision out over increasing intervals. 

Brain Boost will enable companies to better train, upskill and transfer knowledge to staff. By tailoring learning requirements towards the needs of individual learners and their unique propensity for absorbing new information, better knowledge retention is achieved for everyone. 

An exclusive preview of the Brain Boost feature, plus an introduction to EdApp’s microlearning LMS and integrated authoring tool, is available at the Learning Technology Conference by scheduling a demo via or visiting the team at Booth N35. 

Brain Boost roll out 

EdApp processes around 30,000 lessons each day to large, multinational enterprises with employees spread across over 30 countries. Learners access courseware via their own mobile devices and Brain Boost will be rolling out to them over the coming weeks. EdApp also has the ability to automatically translate content into over 105 languages making distribution of courseware very quick and efficient. 

EdApp is trusted by large global clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Pernod Ricard, Proximo, Mars Inc, Coca-cola, Amgen, Castrol, Pandora, Sodexo, Shell, Honda, Parmalat and many more.