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When was the last true breakthrough in the eLearning world?

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Newcomers Disrupt to Introduce the groundbreaking new LMS/VLE that completely disrupts and changes everything.

Znanja LMS is a game-changer in the eLearning world. No longer do you need to spend weeks creating eLearning in Articulate or expensive systems like Adobe Captivate – Znanja does things differently, it creates eLearning instantly by innovatively converting Word documents and Powerpoint presentations into fully SCORM compliant eLearning content, content which can be uploaded into any existing LMS or VLE. 

Trainers, teachers and Educators generally have one thing in common: a shed-load of learning content, and no time or money to create digital versions which to push-out to learners online, and let's face it, eLearning is expensive. So, the system quite literally changes the economic model for eLearning development and curriculum conversion. 

A leading UK university converted a 50 page tutor handout and published it live to their moodle VLE within 20 minutes. It is that quick.

Within the system is an easy to easy drag and drop gamification feature, making adding interactions easier than ever. No coding, no complicated plugins...just drag...and drop.