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Award-winning education publishers, Crown House Publishing, release three new business books

Bancyfelin, WalesLearning NewsCrown House Publishing

Crown House Publishing is an award-winning independent publisher offering an extensive range of innovative resources and materials for professional development in both education and, now, business.

Following the success of its education books, Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners and Outstanding Teaching: Teaching Backwards, Mark Burns and Andy Griffith, two of the UK’s leading trainers, have channelled their collective wisdom in The Learning Imperative, a groundbreaking new book that focuses on improving the performance level of individuals and teams working in organisations.

The Learning Imperative won the HR and Management category of The Business Book Awards 2019 and was listed as a finalist in the 2018 INDIES Book of the Year Awards in the business and economics category. Mark will be speaking about his work at the upcoming World of Learning conference in October

Crown House Publishing has also published Chris Watson’s Upskill: 21 keys to professional growth, which is the definitive guide to developing the adaptive skills essential for success at work, and The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset: Flexibility of mind, mindfulness, resilience, genuine curiosity, creating leaders, enterprise thinking by Joe Britto, which carefully examines the six key attributes that make up a leadership mindset, and explores in detail how people can strengthen them for themselves. 

Crown House loves working with authors to create informative, instructional, fun and often life-changing books and firmly believes that its authors are its strength. Together, Crown House has published bestsellers, award-winning titles and groundbreaking work in all its specialist areas.