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The Learning Imperative: new book launching at World of Learning

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Is UK business working? A skills crisis, low productivity and workplace stress mean that we’re struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Crown House Publishing will launch a new book at World of Learning that puts the spotlight on improving the ability and willingness to learn of individuals and teams working in organisations.


Between the current skills crisis, low productivity rates and increased workplace stress, it's safe to say that UK businesses are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. 

It’s a little baffling to understand why this is happening, but trainers and learning experts Mark Burns and Andy Griffith believe they have the answer. It’s to do with our ability and willingness (or lack of it) to learn new stuff. 

Mark and Andy have worked with hundreds of organisations in the UK and overseas, and their combined experience has given them real insights into why some organisations, and the teams within them, are so much more effective in creating impactful learning than others. Their success is based on the creation of learning teams. You see, learning shouldn’t stop when you leave university; it’s far too important to neglect or remain on the ‘nice to do’ list. Without effective learning in an organisation, it will soon suffer from stagnation, demotivation, a lack of curiosity and, eventually, obsolescence. 

Whether in the public, private or third sector, organisations are experiencing more change than ever before. Whether this is driven by technological advances, the effects of increasing globalisation, the after-effects of the financial crash or changing population demographics, it has meant that calm waters are a dim and distant memory for many. 

Yet, the new generation of school leavers and graduates are not coming out of education with the necessary skills required in the twenty-first century world of work. A world in which change is rapid, the store of human knowledge is expanding faster than ever before, work is increasingly international and its problems seem to be ever more complex. Where it was once enough to know and do things, young people now need more than rote learning and shallow subject knowledge to survive – they need skills: the ability to learn, to adapt and to persevere. 

So now, more than ever before, there is a compelling need for organisations to develop learning teams who have the ability to learn fast and effectively in order to make better decisions and have the agility to adapt to the pace of change. After all, if we are not open to learning from these changes, and the opportunities and threats they present, what hope does our team or organisation have of surviving in these turbulent times, let alone thriving? 

Mark and Andy have channeled their collective wisdom and have produced The Learning Imperative, a ground breaking new book that puts the spotlight on improving the ability and willingness to learn of individuals and teams working in organisations.