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Exploring the hidden costs of sourcing e-learning for an LMS

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At the Learning Technologies Summer Forum Ken Wood, director of Course Source, will be exploring the hidden costs of buying off-the-shelf e-learning – and the ways in which cloud technology can transform the way companies purchase e-learning – lowering their TCO and improving their ROI.

As learning management systems (and virtual learning environments) have become both more affordable and easier to use, many companies are implementing their own LMS - instead of buying all-encompassing e-learning libraries with an LMS included.

While this gives organisations a far greater choice of courses – since they're not locked into a single vendor – an important question remains. Do traditional licensing models really deliver value for money?

Cloud technology has changed how courses can be delivered (and tracked) so it is no longer necessary to purchase licenses for all of a workforce.

Ken Wood's presentation explores how cloud technology enables organisations to purchase and monitor take-up of their workforce training more efficiently, lowering costs as they do so: Learning Technologies Summer Forum, Theatre 1, 15:45, Tuesday June 16th. Course Source will also be exhibiting at Stand 32 of the show.