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Elevating leaders in learning into strategic positions

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Learning News in discussion with participants on the CLO100 Learning Leaders Programme.

Learning News with the first cohort on the CLO100 Learning Leaders Programme
Learning News with the first cohort on the CLO100 Learning Leaders Programme 

What is more important to an organisation, if anything, than it and its people learning? Yet, ironically, learning and development teams often lack the ability, at the most senior levels in business, to really influence learning.

Learning News has come to CLO100's Learning Leaders Programme. It believes L&D leaders have the potential to dramatically influence organisational success and aims to elevate leaders in L&D to strategic positions within their organisation.

The programme has gathered together some of the foremost minds in organisational learning to help aspiring L&D leaders. It's a 12-month programme on strategic learning leadership, and Learning News recently spent time with the first cohort.

Includes insights from programme contributors Laura Overton, Jeremy Snape, Jo Cook, Karen Beddows and Neil Mullarkey, organisers Cathy Hoy and Robert Wagner and participants Danielle Ware, Matt Smith, Peter Plumlee, Aglaia Economou and Helen Marshall.

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