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click-360: combining NASA-like technology with Fisher-Price interfaces

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click-360 is taking part in the Learning & Skills 2014 event in London, sharing a stand with parent company, the new brand name for TLC-The Learning Curve. The company is demonstrating its off-the-shelf and bespoke online feedback tools.

A fast growing part of parent company (TLC - with whom click-360 shares an island stand), means that its stable of online feedback tools have been designed with consultants and end practitioners in mind.

The use of 360 degree feedback tools is now well established in organisations throughout the UK. More recently, TLC has added 180 tools which allow for self-assessment to be balanced with at least one other group’s perceptions of that same individual.

The range of questionnaires include:

LeaderQ: a 360 degree feedback questionnaire to measure leadership capability, based on the acclaimed work of US business psychologists Kouzes and Posner, and highlighted in the book ‘The Leadership Challenge’

ManagerQ: a 360 degree feedback questionnaire to measure management capability, inspired by the original Management Charter Initiative and updated many times since

EiQ: new for this show, TLC’s simple yet comprehensive 360 degree feedback questionnaire measures the emotional intelligence of leaders and managers and is based on the work of Daniel Goleman and Eric Berne. Most of the questionnaire offerings in this space are based on self-assessments, whereas EiQ collects a more objective view by incorporating the perceptions of nominated key stakeholders

TeamQ: an unique 180 degree feedback questionnaire that collects the views of the team leader and then compares them to how the team members see the same questions. Often revealing very different perceptions, the report can then be used in conjunction with the TLC 50-page learning guide to tackle areas of conflict. The questions are inspired by the work of Patrick Lencioni, author of the best-selling book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’

CoachQ: another unique 180 degree feedback tool from TLC which collects the views of the ‘coach’ and then compares them to how the ‘coachees’ see the same items. Rather than an assessment tool for external coaches, CoachQ is designed for managers who have been trained in how to have coaching conversations, and is best used before and some time after the training has taken place

inSITE: in addition to 180 and 360 degree feedback tools, TLC has an exclusive employee engagement tool better able to capture ‘insights’ from employees. The tool is most effective when the emphasis is not on the number of engaged employees but rather on the insights they can offer about how aligned people are with the organisational strategy. The questions are bespoked to the buying organisation and TLC can offer its occupational psychology team to ensure that the questions are stretching but non-ambiguous, reliable and valid. The TLC team will analyse the results (slicing the data in any which way required) so that the report provides meaningful insights into the pulse of an organisation

Ecademy: another recent development from TLC has seen it partnering with TWM-The Working Manager to offer its versatile online learning library. Branded ‘Ecademy’ by TLC, subscribers have access to over 6000 learning assets that can be dropped onto individual development plans. When deployed either on its own or combined with their 360 tool, the Ecademy becomes a powerful embedding tool to effect organisational and behavioural change. For an insignificant additional cost, the Ecademy can be personalised to a brand and can carry personal content: additional pages can be uploaded on a just-in-time basis. More recently, Ecademy interfaces have been made the hub of virtual organisational development environments (VODEs), where participants use a single sign-on to connect with key HR and L&D systems, processes and assets, thereby unravelling their complexity as well as improving employee take-up.

As partner to TLC, click-360 is jointly sponsoring a showcase presentation by the head of the TLC talent assessment practice, Sarah Linton. The presentation is scheduled for 29th January 2014, 10.45am, Theatre no 7: HR and Talent in the 21st Century. Sarah will summarise 40 interviews identifying the challenges faced by Global HR Directors and Talent Directors.

Her talk also examines their responses, trends, gaps, differences and risks. Topics include the challenges and changes faced by Global HR Directors and Talent Directors, and how are they responding to these challenges and changes? They examine the types of leader that are successful in top HR and Talent roles, and conversely the ones that aren’t. Sarah’s talk explores what questions are internal customers and stakeholders asking when it comes to talent, and what is the focus for Global HR and Talent for 2014 and beyond? A full copy of the paper is available on the TLC stand after the presentation.