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Clarity Consultants’ Insights on Big Data in Learning and Development

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Clarity Consultants publishes a guide with insights on big data’s effect on digital learning in L&D.

Campbell CA, 5/17/17 -- Today Clarity Consultants, the leading provider of corporate learning and development, and creative consultants, announced insights on how big data is transforming digital learning in Learning & Development.

Big data is expected to shift the landscape of business in the next few years across many industries, including retail, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. A 2014 survey by Accenture found that over half of American companies believe that big data will be as disruptive a technology as the internet was in the 1990s. The same survey found that the bigger the company, the higher priority big data has become and the better results they see. Over 90% of companies that completed big data projects found that it met their ideal business outcomes.

“Big data already exists—the important question for organizations is how it can be harnessed for the purpose of revolutionizing the way business and learning works,” says Herb Tieger, President and CEO of Clarity Consultants. “A natural evolution of learning analytics, big data has the potential to disrupt the way we think about human behavior. This potential, however, goes untapped if the appropriate expertise is not onboarded. With the right team, there is no limit to the ways that big-data projects can transform a company in a relatively short amount of time.”

For most companies, the first priority when it comes to analyzing big data is forming a good team with experience in interpreting the unstructured, raw data. According to the Accenture survey, only 5% of businesses rely on internal help for big data projects. The vast majority recruit consultants and contract employees for such work. Experts can help identify pre-launch questions and work with the company to formulate answers.

For nearly a quarter century, Clarity Consultants has deployed corporate learning and development, and creative consultants that deliver expertise on demand to support project staffing needs. They partner with clients on a project basis, supplementing the talents of internal staff until goals are achieved, ensuring project success. Clarity’s consultants work nationally and have experience across a broad range of business sectors. Their extensive network allows them to provide clients with professionals whose skills and expertise precisely match their requirements.

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