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CIM accelerates its e-learning proposition with new online digital marketing course

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CIM’s new ‘Digital Marketing Channels’ course is available online, with further popular courses to be added. The organisation is accelerating its online services to ensure members and customers can continue their personal development while driving revenue opportunities.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has strengthened its online training portfolio by launching the CIM ‘Digital Marketing Channels’ course, allowing marketing professionals and business owners to take advantage of the latest digital marketing channels.

CIM’s digital marketing courses are some of the organisation's most in-demand training options. This new course, developed in partnership with Target Internet, is entirely accessible online and features the very latest content and training techniques.

CIM is already well set-up to support customers digitally, offering webinars, podcasts and training materials, however up until now many courses have been delivered face to face by CIM’s expert course directors. As we move through our current social situation, CIM has been working to ensure marketing professionals can continue their learning and development and can take advantage of the latest channels.

‘Digital Marketing Channels’, which will be accessible from March 31, will offer 25 hours of online study and includes a comprehensive syllabus, including interactive learning, video classes, and a bespoke mix of audio support. Modules include video introductions from course leader Daniel Rowles and tests to help individuals track their progress.

The ‘Digital Marketing Channels’ course includes a comprehensive overview of key channels, including:

  • SEO - optimising landing pages
  • PPC - improve conversion while reducing costs
  • Social Media - identify intermediaries and influencers
  • Content Marketing - support customers on the pathway to purchase
  • Display Advertising - increase awareness and conversions
  • Email Marketing – optimise customer relationships
  • Websites and UX – develop engagement and conversions
  • Key Trends – identify future career opportunities

Course Director, Daniel Rowles said: “It was essential that we could offer this course online during such an uncertain time. Particularly for those trying to pivot their businesses to focus on online, and who need to continue building relationships despite social distancing rules.”

“Unlike most courses, this one is based in practical implementation, teaching how to deploy the channels, best practices and various strategies so businesses can start to take advantage of their learnings right away.”

Maggie Jones, Director of Qualifications and Partnerships at CIM said: “We already have a breadth of training materials and guidance online, but with so many organisations adapting to remote working environments, it is absolutely critical that we do everything possible to ensure that marketing professionals can continue to upskill and develop.”

To get started on CIM’s ‘Digital Marketing Channels’ course, visit: