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Nectar is sweeter at Debenhams

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To coincide with the launch of the Nectar card at Debenhams, BYG has delivered a novel credit card sized presentation CD. Benefiting Debenhams Directors, Senior Managers and Suppliers, the multimedia CD card promotes the key messages and advantages of the Nectar Loyalty programme, recently introduced by Debenhams and three other major retailers.

Wallet sized, this one-off CD card was designed by BYG, to answer an immediate requirement by Debenhams to communicate a wealth of vital information effectively about the Nectar Launch and its impact on Debenhams. This presentation CD supports the product knowledge training programme already rolled out to Debenhams personnel.

Comprising an abundance of movement, sound, animation and video, the interactive communication CD succeeds in creating a high impact and dynamic presentation. It has also been designed by BYG to specifically mimic the size and 'look and feel' of the Nectar Card.

BYG's mini CD offers a comprehensive overview of the Nectar card and how it will operate, demonstrating the 'collectors journey' from the point of registration to redemption of reward offers. Further details of supplier and customer rewards are also featured on the CD. A video link from the Debenhams Chief Executive, Belinda Earl, reinforces the corporate message and demonstrates how the Nectar Loyalty programme dovetails perfectly into the Debenhams business strategy.

Says Linda Dunbar, Learning and Development Manager at Debenhams,

"Once again BYG has been our trusted partner to ensure this important internal communications campaign was delivered on time and to budget. BYG understands our business and has worked with us on many projects. Our growing relationship with them will be further strengthened by the development of another CD business card to launch Debenhams new Gift Card in the near future."

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