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busuu helps employees to start language learning at the right level

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busuu releases adaptive placement test that helps language learners to find their level and HR professionals to enhance language skills in their organisation.


busuu’s new placement test places language students at the exact right lesson in the English, French, Spanish and German course.

The test takes 10 minutes on average and tests vocabulary, grammar, reading and comprehension. At the end students get graded based on their CEFR level (that’s the Common European Framework of Reference) and placed in the appropriate lessons in their level.

Using an adaptive algorithm, the test gets easier or harder depending on how many questions the learner gets right. By identifying the starting level of employees’ language skills, busuu’s placement test helps companies more accurately measure the impact of their investment (or ROI) in language training.

In an increasingly global world, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming an imperative for the successful growth of a company.

For HR Directors, language training is an integral part of the Learning & Development programme to foster communication in international teams and with suppliers and clients. Aiming to provide an effective way to learn a language, busuu offers several features to help learners progress quickly: advanced grammar, a vocabulary trainer, conversations with native speakers and level completion tests with official language certificates in collaboration with McGraw-Hill Education.

For companies, busuu also offers course content tailored to the needs of the company. Earlier this year busuu developed a tailored course for Uber to help drivers in specific situations, such as locating the rider, discussing the route and delivering customer service relevant for their day to day activities.

Bernhard Niesner, CEO & Co-founder: “The placement test is a quick and accurate way to make the best start with busuu. We are committed to creating a product that enables students to enhance their language skills and keep motivated, and for HR professionals to equip their Learning & Development programme with a language learning solution that impacts the bottom line."

The placement test, tailored courses and many more learning features are available as part of busuu’s language learning solution “busuu for Business”.