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Brightwave showcases total learning and 3D solution at DevLearn 2014

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Brightwave, the leading agency for learning solutions and products, announces its sponsorship of this year's DevLearn Conference and Expo, helping to shape the conversation about the future of organisational learning and performance.

The event takes place on 29th - 31st October at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Brightwave is exhibiting throughout the event, showcasing the team's latest solutions and demos, including Brightwave's award-winning total learning system tessello. Charles Gould, CEO, is presenting a session on the Management Xchange Stage, demonstrating how new technology that makes use of the xAPI is delivering more effective learning.

Brightwave has also secured slots at the popular eLearning DemoFest 2014, the "premier showcase of eLearning project demonstrations", that runs in parallel to DevLearn.

Colin Welch, Head of Production, is showcasing Brightwave's 3D learning approach to medical device product knowledge, sharing insight and results from over six months' work. Charles Gould, CEO, is sharing a social learning solution designed in partnership with 3M, powered by Brightwave's award-winning total learning system tessello.

DevLearn is one of the leading cutting-edge training and learning events in North America where industry pioneers define the future of organisational learning and development.

Laura Ward, Brightwave's Head of Marketing, said:

"We are delighted to be attending DevLearn for the first time this year and to have secured a place on the event programme. DevLearn's conference themes seamlessly reflect Brightwave's vision, with a focus on the innovative approach required of organisational learning and technology in the future."

Charles Gould, Brightwave's CEO, said:

"There is demand from L&D professionals to determine what tomorrow's learning technology looks like. What is the future of learning? tessello is a transformative solution, placed at the heart of Brightwave's offering, that fuses formal and informal workplace learning. tessello alters the current, outdated approach to organisational learning and performance by introducing a total learning experience. Our clients love it and I know the wider global audience at DevLearn will too."

David Holcombe, Founder, President and CEO of The eLearning Guild, said:

“The eLearning Guild is thrilled that Brightwave has decided to exhibit at DevLearn 2014 and we know they will be a great addition to the largest eLearning technologies expo in the world!”

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