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Brightwave and the Pearl Group talk Tin Can

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Join Brightwave's CEO, Charles Gould, and the Pearl Group's MD/Founder, David Pearl, at the 2014 World of Learning Conference and Exhibition as they explore the true value of informal learning.

How to capture and harness the true value of informal learning?
Wednesday, 1st October 2014, 10.15am - 10.45am
World of Learning Conference and Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham

The way we learn has been profoundly transformed by the digital revolution. As a result, learners now take to the web and social media channels via handheld devices to find the skills and knowledge they need, from the people they know and trust, to better perform in their roles.

The Tin Can API puts learners in control of their own learning by collecting meaningful data about the full range of online and offline experiences they may have. Early adopters are already helping learners capture and harness the everyday experiences and learning resources they discover, and this is reframing the way we can think about workplace e-learning; creating new opportunities and benefits for how e-learning is conceived, designed and distributed.

Charles is joined by David Pearl, author of best-seller 'Will there be donuts: Better business one meeting at a time', to explore how the Tin Can API is transforming online learning.

In this stimulating session, Charles and David take attendees on a lively tour of:

  • early adoption examples of dynamic social learning in real-world scenarios
  • how to use social media to create personalised learning experiences
  • the role of digital learning in large scale transformation
  • how the Tin Can API changes the landscape of e-learning.

Charles Gould said:

"The way we learn has changed dramatically. Equipped with a smartphone in our back pocket we have ubiquitous access to online resources, digital media and social networks; we learn by asking questions and exchanging ideas. And yet this approach isn't fully integrated within workplace learning. New technology that makes use of the Tin Can API delivers more effective learning, allowing the learner to capture every informal experience and the organisation to identify the learning that has taken place."

David Pearl said:

"Working as a creativity and performance specialist to companies such as GSK, Barclays, BBC and Intel, I was something of a sceptic about e-learning; it just wasn’t experiential enough. I then worked with Brightwave to help a major reinsurance company rethink how they held and ran meetings. I am now fully-converted and use Brightwave’s total learning system which is powered by Tin Can to enable my clients to revolutionise their working culture. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience alongside Charles at the World of Learning conference."

Further information about Brightwave's participation at World of Learning.