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Diabetes UK and Brightwave deliver new online support resource for people with diabetes

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Diabetes UK and next generation learning expert Brightwave, together with Bupa, have partnered to create support and resources for people with Type 2 diabetes.

In the UK, 90% of the 3 million people living with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes, while a further 850,000 people have Type 2 but have not yet been diagnosed.

The e-learning programme, which was launched to the public on 25th June, is supported by Bupa and forms part of the Diabetes UK and Bupa charity partnership. It was developed to consolidate the vast range of resources that are available to those living with diabetes. The main goal is to deliver these resources in a single, easy-to-digest format to increase awareness and understanding of the condition.

Working alongside Diabetes UK, Brightwave identified the audience as having different levels of knowledge and awareness about the condition, and so the solution needed to be flexible and scalable - allowing users to navigate their own way through the information, and at their own pace.

This was achieved via a multimedia approach where a range of information and resources are presented using a mix of animations, video and interactive screens. Recognising the way people search and use information today, the tool is compatible with tablet devices ensuring that people can find the information they need, when they need it.

Owen Booth, Head of Content Communications, Diabetes UK, said: "The number of people with Type 2 diabetes in the UK is continuing to rise, and so, if not properly managed, this has the potential to be personally devastating for those who develop it and disastrous for the NHS because of the huge expense of complications.

This is why we need to give people the support they need to manage the condition. We hope this new initiative can help be part of this. It is vital that people with Type 2 diabetes understand how they can manage their condition to make sure they have the best possible chance of a long, healthy life.

The creation of 'Type 2 Diabetes and Me' gives people with Type 2 diabetes advice about lifestyle, self management and information about the healthcare they are entitled to. We hope that in future years it comes to be seen as a landmark in using the internet to give people with the condition the support they need to manage their own condition."

Charles Gould, Managing Director at Brightwave, said: "We were delighted to be chosen by Diabetes UK for this particular project. Meeting the needs of those living with diabetes presented an exciting challenge and the end result is a high-impact, creative solution that is both interactive and informative."