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Diary date 25 January: Heads in the cloud - how are content strategies evolving in the workplace?

Olympia 2, London, UKLearning NewsBrightwave Group

Brightwave keynote debate at Learning Technologies 2012.

Venue: Learning Technologies Exhibition (Level 1), Seminar Theatre 2, Olympia 2, London
Wednesday 25th January

A high-profile panel featuring some of the industry's leading learning tech and design experts will examine how organisations can exploit Cloud technologies to make learning content and resources effective at the point of need.

Hosted by e-learning specialist Brightwave, the Heads in the Cloud debate- will explore how evolving content strategies have the potential to deliver the level of workplace performance we need right now and in the future. On the agenda are hot topics such as the shift towards resources [not courses], the opportunities surrounding user-generated content and social learning plus considerations for implementation and investment. This fast-paced interactive session will also feature live audience voting to further assess mood and expectations.

Brightwave's 2011 debate 'A road map to 2020' was voted the No.1 most appealing seminar in the Learning Technologies exit poll.


  • Donald H Taylor, Chairman, Learning and Skills Group & Chairman, Learning Technologies Conference


  • Charles Gould, Managing Director, Brightwave
  • Kenny Henderson, Head of Talent Development Operations, Sky
  • Professor Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design, London Knowledge Lab
  • Dr Genny Dixon, Head of Research, Towards Maturity

The audience can debate and join in with the following trend issues using TurningPoint voting technology:-

  • How can we best use the Cloud to enable more effective workplace learning?
  • User-generated content v trusted expert. In what situations does user-generated content work well?
  • Resource or course? What are the main drivers causing the shift towards resources?
  • How is the role of the learning designer changing?
  • How can organisations extend learning content to customers and their supply chains?