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Current investment in training equates to 'spending paradox'

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New findings emerge from 'Time to make a difference - e-learning strategies to support business', an industry event co-hosted by Brightwave and Sky last month.

The full event review can be downloaded here:

Chaired by Donald H Taylor, 'Time to make a difference - e-learning strategies to support business' welcomed 75 delegates from 30 different organisations in Edinburgh last month. One of the key aims of this highly interactive event was to get internal L&D teams thinking about how e-learning can be used to make a real business impact in their organisations.

At the event Donald Clark asked participants how much budget their organisations spend on informal learning. 43% of delegates answered 'under 1%' and a further 43% answered 'under 10%'. Many people claim, that 80% of learning occurs informally so this equates to a 'spending paradox'. The findings challenge the quantity/effectiveness ratio associated with formal learning spend.

A later presentation from Brightwave's MD, Charles Gould warned that the 'spending paradox' can strike wherever the right questions aren't asked at the beginning of a project. If this happens design decisions are made that do not meet the direct needs of business goals.

Brightwave's MD Charles Gould says,"E-learning should be considered and used as a business strategy. The longer it takes for the learner to reach the necessary level of understanding/skills/knowledge, the more costly it is. Let's know where we're going and pay more to get there faster and better, not just for learners to learn for longer." concluded Charles. "The focus needs to be on quality and getting results, not e-learning by the hour".

Renowned workplace learning figures challenged, inspired and shared best practice. Speakers included Donald Clark (Board member Learndirect, Learning Pool & Caspian Learning), Laura Overton (Managing Director, Towards Maturity), Kenny Henderson (Head of Talent Development Operations, Sky) and Charles Gould (Managing Director, Brightwave).

The full event review can be downloaded here:

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